Equipment Service & Inspection

Depth Perceptions Diving Services is trained and experienced in inspecting and servicing a wide range of makes and models of scuba equipment.  Most manufacturers recommend having your equipment inspected and serviced on an annual basis, or more often if you dive frequently or in particularly harsh conditions.  It's equipment that keeps you alive underwater, don't you owe it to yourself to make sure it's well maintained and funtioning properly?  We inspect and service regulators, buoyancy compensators, wetsuits, drysuits, cylinders & cylinder valves.  If its made for scuba, chances are we can service it.

Regulator Service                 $30.00 Labor per Stage  Plus Parts & Tax

Cylinder Visual Inspection    $35.05 Includes Inspection, Air Fill, External Valve Cleaning, New O-Rings & Tax

Cylinder Hydrotest           $73.80 Includes Hydrotest, Visual Inspection, Air Fill, External Valve Cleaning, New O-rings  & Tax

Eddy Current Test            $14.50 For Pre-Jan 1989 Aluminum Air Cylinders

All Other Services             $65.00 per hour Shop Rate Plus Parts and Tax